Cyriac Roeding

Cyriac R. Roeding, Executive Vice President, CBS Mobile, CBS Interactive

Cyriac Roeding was named Executive Vice President, CBS Mobile, CBS Interactive, in February 2007.  He reports to Quincy Smith, President, CBS Interactive.

In his position, Roeding is responsible for building and growing CBS Corporation’s mobile operation across its various properties including CBS Entertainment, CBS Sports, CBS News and The CW.

Since joining CBS in May of 2005 as Vice President of CBS’s wireless efforts, Roeding has helped position his division to the forefront of the mobile community, securing deals with companies such as Qualcomm’s MediaFLO mobile television, Verizon’s V-Cast and AT&T/Cingular to make select CBS content available on cell phones. In US industry firsts, Roeding, who also oversees The CW’s mobile operation, introduced an avatar-based mobile game tied to The CW’s “America’s Next Top Model”; launched wireless picture and video breaking news alerts for CBS News,  “Entertainment Tonight” and CBS SportsLine; forged a partnership with Capitol Records to integrate a ringtone download from Coldplay’s hit single “Talk” into an episode of “CSI: NY”; launched “real-time wallpapers” and Letterman video messages on the CBS Mobile store (; introduced cell phone-controlled fantasy sports for CBS SportsLine; and introduced cross-carrier live premium text message voting to programs such as the Emmy Awards, “CSI: NY,”  “The Young And The Restless,” and “Big Brother,” which gave audiences for the first time the chance to influence the direction of the show.

Between 1999 and 2004, Roeding was the Co-Founder and CMO for 12snap, a company which became Europe’s market leader for mobile marketing and mobile entertainment, and whose clients include Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, L’Oreal, adidas, Vodafone, Nokia and MTV Europe. Prior to that, he developed growth strategies at McKinsey & Company for global media, software and high-tech players in Europe and in Silicon Valley.  At Roland Berger Strategy Consultants he led projects in Japan, Germany and the U.S. in the retail sector in 1994-96.

Roeding is co-author of the McKinsey/Harvard management book Secrets on Software Success, published by Harvard Business School Press, and translated into Mandarin, Korean, Italian and German. Roeding’s background also includes an assortment of various jobs ranging from political reporter to radio disk jockey in Lithuania and Germany.

He received a master’s degree in engineering and business administration from Germany’s Technical University of Karlsruhe, an MBA in corporate strategy and entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia, and studied Japanese management at Sophia University in Tokyo. 

In 2003 and 2004 he received the first Lion Awards for mobile concepts at the world’s most prestigious creative competition in Cannes, France.

In 2001, Roeding was elected European Chairman of the global Mobile Marketing Association (MMA); in 2006, he was elected to the Global MMA Board. In 2007, he was elected North American and Global Chairman of the MMA, with over 400 member companies worldwide. In 2006 he was elected to join the Industry Leadership Council of the CTIA, the leading wireless association in the U.S.
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